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Tipsy Bunny

The Bunny Cave: Your safe haven.

Located in JEM, Tipsy Bunny is the perfect bunny cave to hideaway and for people in the West to meet Mr. Baxton, our in-house bunny! The burrow reinvents distinct classics with a fusion twist that suits every palate.

You'll be able to enjoy our signature artisanal pizzas that are hand-stretched to order by our lovely chefs and baked without the help of rolling pins or chunky machines.

50 Jurong Gateway Rd
#01-05, JEM

Singapore 608549

Mon - Sat: 12pm - 1am

Sun: 12pm - 11pm

+65 8028 0093

Our bouncy bunny friend is excited to meet you!

Did you know? Bunnies are super sociable creatures! They feel the happiest when in the company of their own species.

Mr. Baxton, our in-house bunny, certainly loves being around his friends at the bunny cave and he's hoppin' excited for you to come visit him! Share your experience with him through our social media and he'll be glad you hopped by.

Mr. Baxton

30thNovember2020_Tipsy Bunny_Grand Opening-74.jpg

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