Lady Wu

The Iconic Attic Bar in the heart of Raffles Place.

Inspired by the First Empress of the Tang Dynasty, Wu Ze Tian 武則天, we strive to celebrate and lift up all ladies through our hospitality and service.

Drinking and getting tipsy also causes one to wobble like a penguin, but more than that we hope that the people in Tampines will get Tipsy over the love they have for one another as they spend time together over good food at our place.


11 North Canal Road #03-02 (Attic Level)

Singapore 048824

Mon - Sat: 5pm - 3am

*Closed on Sundays

+65 8338 7479

Bow before Her Highness!

Wu Ze Tian 武則天 was the first and only female monarch to rule over China and was an absolute force to be reckoned with.

As powerful and mighty as she appears to be, she has made it her duty to ensure that her loyal subjects remain well fed and in high spirits.  Join her at the attic bar for a round of drinks and her favourite delicacies!

May you be graced with her tenacity and strength.


Past Events & Happenings


Check out these cool parties that took place in Lady Wu!

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